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What’s the largest crack that can be repaired on a windshield?

The truth is that a really good and experienced windshield repair technician can repair a crack from one end of your windshield to the other. In other words, almost any size crack can be repaired on a windshield. A wise repair technician would advise the customer to actually replace the windshield instead of repairing such a large crack for a number of reasons. One major reason is that windshield repair cost are typically based on the size of the damage. To repair a crack that exceeds 12 inches can cost about as much as it would cost to replace the whole windshield on some cars. Another reason is that long cracks may still be visible on the windshield even after it has been successfully repaired. If you know that viewing this crack on your windshield everyday  will drive you crazy, then replacing is the way to go. Most of our long crack repairs are performed on expensive luxury cars where it may cost $1200 to replace the windshield. In this case, some customers will live with a $200 windshield repair until they are ready to replace the windshield.


Do over the counter headlight restoration kits really work?

As a professional headlight restoration technician, I have never used an over the counter kit to restore headlights but around 85% of our customers have tried these kits with no success before calling us to get the job done the right way. Part of this unsuccessful experience could be due to user error and not being familiar enough with the process of restoration. In some cases, customers said that the kits made their headlights worse. In other cases, customers said that the kit improved the appearance of the their lights but the cloudiness and oxidation came back within a few months. At A Plus, we use a professional grade headlight restoration process and materials. We also back our process with a 2 year warranty.


Are my headlights too cloudy for a restoration?

No, our restoration process can be performed on any headlight regardless of how cloudy they are.